Alumni Volunteer Program

2018 Alumni Volunteers

2018 Alumni Volunteers


Be an Alumni Volunteer at OBW 2019

We are planning for another exciting summer at OBW and are looking for hard working people like you to help make this year a success! Alumni Volunteers play a key role in the success of the program by assisting CA’s with needs as well as logistical support for the entire program.

As a recent graduate of Ohio Business Week, we wanted to formally invite you to apply to be a part of OBW 2019 as an AV and experience OBW in a new and exciting way!

Once we have received and reviewed all applications, we will choose alumni volunteers based on the criteria outlined in the Alumni Volunteer Policy and the needs of the organization. Please be aware that completing an application does not guarantee acceptance into the Alumni Volunteer Program.

Alumni Volunteer Policy:

I understand that to be eligible to be an Ohio Business Week Alumni Volunteer, I must promote Ohio Business Week by making at least one presentation about my experience as a participant at OBW. Presentations must be to a group of at least 5 at my school, church, or any other extracurricular/community activity that I am involved in. I commit to recruiting at least one student to attend OBW from my school. I will communicate my activities via email to   I understand that if I am selected to be a volunteer I will be be required to be on campus from Saturday July 20 1:00pm - Saturday July 27 1:00pm and that I will be required to abide by and enforce the Ohio Business Week Code of Conduct.  I understand that the selection process for Alumni Volunteers is highly competitive and meeting the above requirements does not guarantee me a position. 

Acceptance into the Alumni Volunteer Program is highly competitive, so meeting the criteria in the Alumni Volunteer Policy is something you want to make sure you complete.