Prepare for College

Have you wondered what it will be like to go to college? To live in the dorms? To meet new friends? OBW provides you with a fun opportunity to do just that, helping you to be better prepared for college. You will live on the beautiful campus of Ohio University and experience dorm life while working in university facilities. During free time, you will have a chance to explore student life with your new friends while participating in exciting activities throughout the week.

Prepare for Life

Have you thought about what you want to major in college or do for your career? Are you just not sure? Would  you like some time to explore and discover your interests? Or do you have a good sense of where you are headed and would like to experience working in the business world? OBW provides you with a strong foundation to be successful. Learn leadership and entrepreneurship skills directly from business pros! Work with your new “company” to develop a business and pitch your plan to a panel of “investors.”

Achieve Success

There is no doubt. Your week at OBW will be transformational. It will be personal to you—different for everyone. But there will be a spark, a new thought, an innovative idea, or a new direction that will change your life in some way. No matter what, you will be better prepared for college, better prepared for your future career, and ready to take on the world! Now is the time to open the door to your future.