Company Advisor

The heart and soul of the program, Company Advisors (CA) play the most critical role in each student's experience. Every student company needs its advisor to guide them in developing their project, as well as acting as a mentor and coach in an often unfamiliar world. 

The OBW CA program is also one of the best professional development sessions available. All CAs participate in business seminars on current business topics, network with other business professionals, and enhance their time management, communication and mentoring/coaching skills. CAs rise to the challenge of getting their team of "future employees" moving in the right direction to accomplish their goals. 



During OBW, students have the opportunity to hear from speakers with a variety of messages from finance and marketing to inspirational and entrepreneurial. If you would like to share your expertise with future business and community leaders, make an impact, and inspire students and other professionals with your message consider serving as an OBW Speaker this summer.


Students also receive real world experience from consultants during the week. Consultants visit with three or four companies and meet with students one-on-one. During the meetings, consultants provide the students with “reality checks” on their financial projections, marketing and business plans and help to troubleshoot problems. Consultants also review the companies’ work and give encouragement.

Trade Show Guest

At the end of the week OBW participants get to practice their business communication and personal selling skills at the Ohio Business Week Trade Show.  During this exciting and fun filled event we are in need of volunteers to pose as a venture capitalist with money to invest.  You will get to meet and interact with Ohio's future entrepreneurs during this one hour volunteer experience. 

Support Volunteers

We have many support positions available that also are vital to making OBW run smoothly. A medical professional is on staff that works with any illnesses with students and distributes medications. Dorm monitors are our overnight security that watch the resident halls for the safety of students and volunteers.

If you are a recent OBW alum and looking to apply to be an alumni volunteer, click HERE!