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What You Learn

Prepare for Life and Achieve Success

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Have you thought about what you want to major in college or do for your career? Are you just not sure? Would  you like some time to explore and discover your interests? Or do you have a good sense of where you are headed and would like to experience working in the business world? OBW provides you with a strong foundation to be successful. Learn leadership and entrepreneurship skills directly from business pros! Work with your new “company” to develop a business and pitch your plan to a panel of “investors.”

There is no doubt. Your week at OBW will be transformational. It will be personal to you—different for everyone. But there will be a spark, a new thought, an innovative idea, or a new direction that will change your life in some way. No matter what, you will be better prepared for college, better prepared for your future career, and ready to take on the world! Now is the time to open the door to your future. 

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Students enhance listening, verbal and writing skills by attending workshops, meeting with consultants, holding company meetings, preparing presentations, advertisements, trade show materials and sales pitches.

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The program is designed so that each student is placed into a company of a diverse group of students. By working together, students tap into each individual’s talents, expertise, interests and smarts in a setting conducive to collaboration and creativity.

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At the heart of the Emerging Entrepreneur Project is the innovation or invention that each company develops. Students generate ideas from brainstorming sessions, interviews with experts, personal experience and a host of resources—the possibilities are endless! Over the years, OBW students developed countless ideas for products and services long before they made it to market including vitamin water, digital picture frames and satellite phones.

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While the project provides a framework, each company works throughout the week solving problems by applying information and knowledge acquired through multiple sources such as the web, OBW workshops, experts/consultants, surveys and personal experience.

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You will join high school students from across the state to learn how to take a business from concept to reality. In a small group environment, you will elect leadership positions and develop a business idea from one of your peers.

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Business leaders volunteer their time and resources to support each student and their journey in entrepreneurship during and after OBW. Each small group is assigned an adult that works with students the entire week giving their business advice and expertise.

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Not only do you learn skills to be successful in business, you will also spend a week with others that will become life-long friends. Many additional activities enhance your experience beyond the business learning environment.

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